eCommerce X-Cart projects

Below, you can review some representative eCommerce X-Cart projects I have undertaken.

They range from minor customizations to site development from scratch. The tasks listed, cover a wide range of different types of modifications, customizations and design work that include coding in PHP, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, MySql, HTML and CSS.

Various code customizations in X-Cart eCommerce site, regarding cart functionality, e.g. customer redirect from cart page to related products page, for adding more products to cart, product variants display customizations, (min and max product variants prices) and various other modifications in different parts of the site functionality, product options functionality, stock inventory tracking, among others. In this site which is quite heavily customized, I have undertaken quite a few PHP and template code customizations, working with PHP, Smarty and Javascript code.

Upgrade and maintenance tasks, (re-implementation of existing eyeglass prescription application to new version) and mass import of categories/products from another existing site (approximately 38.000 products).

X-Cart site development for a confectionaries company. The site is bilingual (Greek/English). In this project, a total skin re-design of the initial X-Cart skin was done, for implementing both aesthetic and functional modifications.

Upgrade X-Cart software, from 4.2.x version to 4.4.3 version and various 3rd party add-ons installed (modules).  Various maintenance tasks (slide-show insertion in the home page, various layout modifications, product maintenance).

Mass import of approximately 40.000 products along with respective categories, from existing site.

Various customizations, both in template Smarty code and php scripts. Good use of JQuery coding took place, for dynamically displaying product shapes with dimensions and calculating certain extra features in the product details page (e.g., here).

Upgrade site from X-Cart Classic 4.4.3 to latest version 4.7.10 (including conversion of the site text content into utf8 encoding for correct display of Russian text). Code modification for adaptation of a module to the new updated 4.7.10 version.