About X-Cart

X-Cart is a powerful and affordable e-commerce package, that can be configured according to each e-shop's needs. It can be customized to an unlimited degree, thanks to it's open-source code and it's Smarty template structure. Also, there is a vast number of add-on modules that cover most of the requirements of any e-shop.

X-Cart code is based on the PHP scripting language and the store data are saved in a MySQL database. X-Cart uses the Smarty template engine for rendering html code for each of the store's web pages. Smarty is a very versatile template engine, rendering X-Cart highly customizable. X-Cart is open-source software, ie, it's code can be viewed and modified by anyone having PHP programming knowledge, in order to implement any customizations needed, which extend it's functionality and adjust the specific e-shop to the style and needs of the owner's business. Almost anything can be implemented through customization in an X-Cart store.

X-Cart has no limitation to the number of products that it can work with. Out of the box, the software can run smoothly with up to 20000 products. With software and server optimization, it can function with up to 500000 products. The owner can create an unlimited number of categories and hierarchy levels of main categories (subcategories).

Some of X-Cart's key features are:

  • Compatibility with a large number of payment gateways, (eg, Paypal, Authorize.Net,  2CHECOUT.COM, Google checkout, and others)
  • Integration with many online shipping processors (eg, UPS, USPS, DHL, FedEx, CanadaPost, AustraliaPost, etc)
  • PCI-DSS compliance for secure online credit card transactions
  • Ability to create product variants (eg according to color, size, etc), with each variant having it's own image, SKU (store code), weight, price, etc.
  • Pricing for wholesale customers and creation of various discounts
  • Inventory tracking
  • Search engine friendly URL support, along with the ability to create HTML catalog, which publishes static pages to the web (ie, pages that are not generated dynamically by a script, but have a static url). Both methods described before, help for search engine optimization (SEO) of the store pages.

Another strong point of X-Cart is it's ability to export or import store data to special-format text files. With these, the owner can, for example, backup the store's data, or import data from a product provider, regarding new products, etc.

X-Cart comes with various skin templates with CSS-based design and layout, available for free, providing the user with the ability to switch among them at will. Also it features a built-in Mobile ready skin, which renders your store perfectly viewable in smart phones. Besides, later X-Cart versions feature responsive built-in skin functionality which adjusts your store for every screen size and device. Responsive functionality will adapt your store to the screen of any device, (desktop, tablet or other mobile device) and ensure that your customers have an optimum shopping experience.

There are more than 33,000 X-Cart online stores in 111 countries worldwide.

X-Cart has one of the most analytical and extensive user manuals in the existing e-commerce packages, with a very well formulated content. Every bit of X-Cart functionality is fully described in the manual.

An X-Cart store consists of two parts: A front-end or customer end, consisting of all the pages displayed to the visitors/customers and a back-end, which is the administration interface, where the e-store administrator/owner logs in and controls various settings that are organized in different menu selections (eg, catalog maintenance, payment methods creation, shipping methods creation, etc).