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Hi, my name is Vasilis Vrontisis and I work as a freelance web developer since 2008.

I always look forward to fully apprehending my clients' business requirements, before proceeding with any project.

Just a brief background description: Already having a strong background in science (Biology BS degree from Greek University and Aquaculture Post-Graduate Diploma from US University), I found out that I liked working with computers more, when I discovered them, back in 1989. They appealed to my always-hungry mind for ceaseless learning.

I began my job career in 1994, by running my own Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Graphic Design company. After some years, I got into Database programming with Microsoft Access and when Internet started becoming widespread, I entered the field of website and e-shop development, working as a freelancer.

It has always been my life-passion to learn interesting things in depth and further polish my knowledge. Web development fits perfectly with this challenge.

In my free time, I play advanced fingerstyle guitar (for almost 40 years), read books and walk in the beautiful countryside of the Greek island Euboea.


Please, feel free to contact me for any related matter that may concern you.